Dry Herb Vaping – What You Need To Know

Want to get more out of your flower? Are you tired of those harsh hits from your pre-roll or bong? Using a dry herb vaporizer to smoke your bud will allow you to save money over time, experience a better flavour profile, and expose your lungs to fewer irritants while enjoying your favourite flower!

Simply put, dry herb vapes allow you to control the temperature at which you smoke your flower. This allows you to heat your cannabis at lower temperatures rather than burning everything at a much higher temperature than necessary, which results in wastage! Terpenes have varying boiling points, which influence the flower’s scent and flavour as it is smoked or vaped. THC, the plant’s showstopper cannabinoid, boils at 315°F. One of the most common terpenes in cannabis is myrcene. It is responsible for the woody dank musk that most people associate with the plant. It boils off at 334°F, a temperature that is far lower than the typical lighter…which will burn at around 600°F, but can burn as high as 2500°F at its hottest point in ideal conditions! Cannabis combusts at about 450°F…. That’s a pretty massive difference in temperature! Temperatures that high will only give you a minimal experience of your terpenes and cannabinoids, as too high a temperature will completely destroy them and render them useless to you. You may as well be burning literal money. With vaping, you can slowly build up your device’s temperature to experience the spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids in your cannabis while getting the best bang for your buck!

To make it easy on you if you’re just starting to vape, we’ve included a quick reference for the boiling points of the most common terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis.


But be aware, this method of consumption is not perfect. It is still possible to boil off and destroy terpenes with lower boiling points than those you aim to experience. If you aim for Linalool, a terpene that boils at 388°F, you’ll still be boiling off everything below it, so it is impossible to isolate for a specific terpene. The lower temperatures used while vaping and the lack of smoke from burning plant matter make your experience far smoother and healthier than a typical session with a bong or a joint…And vaporizing your flower will save more than one kind of green!

Dry herb vapes pay for themselves over time. You lose a considerable amount of THC when you smoke a bong or a joint, as much of the cannabinoid is destroyed or lost through the smoke that you do not inhale or is denatured by the higher temperatures. But through dry herb vaping, you will get more out of your product with less waste! 

study performed in 2018 by Tory Spindle found that vaporized cannabis is more potent when smoked because the temperatures used in vaping do not destroy THC, meaning that more is inhaled and enters the body. This means you need less product to get the same effects or better without hurting your lungs by inhaling harmful smoke!

Generally speaking, dry herb vapes come in two forms:

  1. Portable handheld devices like the Da Vinci Miqro and the Sutra Mini.
  2. Desktop devices like the Storz & Bickel Volcano.

Portable devices like the Sutra Mini are more discreet and convenient than desktop devices but must have a charged battery to operate. That said, they’re great for a fun experience wherever you go! Portable devices can be recharged, and some are designed so that you can also smoke concentrates like kief from them as well. 


Desktop devices like the Volcano are not portable and are meant to be used in your home’s comfort. They work similarly to the handheld dry herb vapes, but have better temperature accuracy and often have a different inhalation method. The Storz + Bickel Volcano has a bag on the top of the vape that catches the vapour once your bud has been heated to the temperature you set. You then remove and inhale from a valve in the mouthpiece of the bag. The Volcano is one of the industry’s highest quality vapes and was made specifically with medical patients in mind. It is engineered to give you the best experience possible with your product.

While terpenes are such a massive topic that we cannot tackle them on their own here, you are always welcome to chat with one of our budtenders at our Calgary marijuana dispensary. If you are interested in learning more about them or dry herb vapes! We carry all of the mentioned products here in our stores and would be happy to help you find the product to best suit your needs.

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