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Bud Bar is your trusted local Calgary dispensary. Our goal is to provide you with a clean, safe, and welcoming environment where you can access our high-quality cannabis products. Bud Bar believes that by being open, friendly, and informative, our customers can better understand the benefits of responsible recreational marijuana use. We promote a sensible approach to recreational cannabis use, and we want you to be well-informed about the plant. So whether you are a new cannabis user, want to enhance your recreational experiences, or just looking for more information on cannabis, you can count on Bud Bar.

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Stay Informed & Make Great Choices at Our Calgary Dispensary

With so many marijuana products available, we know it can be hard to pick the right product for you. Here at Bud Bar, we want to make sure that you are happy with your choice once you leave one of our 4 Calgary locations.

We focus on helping each customer by providing them with highly personalized service. Our team of budtenders are highly knowledgeable about various cannabis brands and products, be that CBD oil or high-potency THC strain.

We offer one-on-one educational sessions with our customers, so you can receive recommendations based on your unique needs, learn about the variety of cannabis products and deepen your knowledge of the cannabis plant.

Our Calgary cannabis dispensaries have established an informative and educational environment for recreational cannabis users. Visit us and discover a team of people that genuinely care.

Everything You Need at Our Calgary Dispensary

We believe that finding the right cannabis product shouldn’t be a struggle, which is why our stores utilize digital menus and iPad kiosks. The modern design of our shops allows customers to filter through our vast selection easily and comfortably.

We sell bud, pre-rolls, oils, and capsules from numerous brands, including Ness, Spinach, Pure Sunfarms, and Redecan. Whether you’re looking for indica, sativa, high CBD, or hybrid strains, we have what you need, and our extensive selection highlights our passion for meeting the needs of all customers.

Our customers appreciate our direct-to-customer access and our extensive list of products — we want to become everyone’s favourite Calgary dispensary.

With four cannabis dispensaries in Calgary, we make it easy for you to access safe, high-quality recreational cannabis at competitive prices. Feel free to visit one of our stores today, or place an online order using the link below.

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Inquire about the Best Buds Club loyalty program at any of our Calgary locations, and our incredible staff will be happy to help you get started. Once you’re signed up, you’ll automatically receive your welcome discounts within 24 hours! Make sure to let our staff know you’re part of the Club every visit, so you don’t miss out on your 5% everyday member discount!

Once you receive your first text message to join the Best Buds Club, be sure to save it on your phone as a wallet-app so you can review your profile, order online, and take advantage of exclusive deals!

To be eligible to join the Best Buds Club, members must be of legal age of majority and have current and valid government identification.

To join the Best Buds Club, we require your first name, mobile number, and email. We guarantee that personal information collected by our loyalty program is not sold or disclosed to any third parties. It stays with Bud Bar only.

Yes! The Best Buds Club allows you to redeem your discounts at any of our convenient locations in Calgary.