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Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Glass Pipes & Bongs

Nothing is more beautiful than a twinkling piece of glass. Elegant and sleek, a glass piece is an investment to last a lifetime, barring cats and unhappy accidents. It’s important to take good care of them! 

Maintaining your glass is easy! Regular maintenance includes a quick clean every week or two, changing water between sessions, and wiping down your glass after use. This prevents a buildup of bacteria and resin that can put a damper on your experience and give your glass a bad makeover. 

Haven’t cleaned your glass before? No problem, you have a couple of options to get your bong looking great again!

Best Options To Clean Your Pipes & Bongs – From Your Calgary Dispensary Expert 

1- The tried and true method is a soak in isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. You will either need corks for your bong or place your piece in a large Ziploc bag. If you are using a bag technique for a bong, make sure you are cleaning the bowl and down stem separately. 

First, allow the main beaker of the bong or your pipe to sit in the alcohol for a few hours, then hold it firmly and give it a wild shake to get that salt moving. This will help remove the buildup of resin and begin to scrub your glass clean without damage. For more stubborn or narrow pieces, try using a heavy-duty pipe cleaner. We carry Randy’s tapered 6″ and 10″ pipe cleaners in-store, and at a great price too!

You can also try a similar method by boiling your piece in hot water with a little vinegar and then shaking it with hot water and salt!


2- For more routine methods of cleaning, we carry Resolution gel. This product can be used for a deep clean but is best for routine maintenance. This product is excellent because it is eco-friendly and straightforward to use! Simply pop your piece into the reusable bag or pour it into your glass, let it sit while you go to work, get stuff done, or crash for the night, and then give it a little scrub with a pipe cleaner when you come home. You’ll find that caked-on resin seems to come off like magic!

3- For preventative measures, we carry Rez-Block. A few drops of this in your bong water prevents resin buildup in your glass. Just make sure to change your water often, which you should be doing anyway for your own health and safety. Mindfulness of the water you smoke from is critical because bongs can grow mould and algae, and nobody wants to smoke that.

Cleaning your bowl and down stem regularly also allows for the flavours of your bud to be more vibrant and crisp. You’ll use less flower when you don’t have to struggle to inhale through a caked-up piece, meaning there is less waste! On top of that, your smoke will be less harsh and easier on your lungs, making for an overall, more pleasant experience.

If you’ve got a more finicky piece, like a percolator, be aware that you need to take extra care of them to keep them from clogging. Regular maintenance makes this a lot easier on you and your glass.

Think your piece is unsalvageable? Want to get away from the gas station acrylic? Need a new bowl, banger, or downstream? We have excellent and affordable options in-store for you to peruse, both in pipe and bong options. Our bongs even have ice-pinches to give you that extra blast of cool smoke with your hit.

Need any cleaning, care, and maintenance advice? Come in and give us a shout!

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