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What To Do When You’ve Had Too Much

We’ve all experienced it: the moment where we know that we’ve made a grave mistake. Maybe you hit that bong too hard; perhaps that edible was stronger than you anticipated. All have the same result of getting wayyyy too high. It’s never a fun experience.

Don’t worry, you aren’t powerless; your high can be controlled! Many a frantic stoner has turned to Dr.Google with the same question: how to stop being high.

Our Calgary Dispensary’s Major Tip? CBD…

While we can’t offer a miracle cure for this, we do have some solutions for you to turn to, whether it is your first bad trip or not. First thing’s first though. Remember: nobody has ever died from having too much cannabis. Even if you’re greening out, you will be ok!

A tried and true method with scientific validity is to smoke some CBD. Keeping a CBD pre-roll or some CBD flower on hand may save you in a pinch. This is because CBD bonds to the same cannabinoid receptors in your body as THC and can lessen your high’s intensity by simply hogging all of the receptor “parking spots” that THC wants. 

The more of those “spots” that CBD stays in, the fewer THC can interact with. This gives your body time to play catch up, metabolize more of the THC and get it out of your system. 

CBD is most effective if inhaled because it enters your bloodstream the fastest. CBD edibles will have the same delay as other edibles and will not be able to kick in when you need them immediately. Keep this in mind.

This is the only method that will actually make you less high. 


More Tips From Our Calgary Dispensary

No CBD on hand? There are a few old school techniques to help mitigate an unpleasant buzz and bring you back to the real world. A classic is to shock your senses back to reality. 

Staff at our Calgary dispensary are partial to chewing on black peppercorns, having a little pickle juice, or sucking/chewing on ice. Never underestimate the benefits of a cold glass of water! 

Too much THC in your system can dehydrate you quickly and leave you with a nasty headache that some may know as a weed hangover. Nobody needs that when they feel like they’re in an awful alternate dimension.

Other options include experiencing things that you find comforting. Getting out of a hectic social situation – there will be less to pay attention to, fewer people to be aware of, and less pressure for you to be conversational. Right now, you need to take care of yourself. Go crash land with a movie or album you know and enjoy! The presence of something pleasant, predictable, and familiar means you won’t get any nasty surprises that you may not be able to deal with at the moment, and you get to have fun while you do it.

Some of our staff say that they love to cozy up in some soft blankets or take a nice shower, as the sensory stimulus can be a pleasant distraction. Pets can also provide this kind of simple comfort. Anything to engage your mind in something other than whatever it may have decided to focus on, and if you’re feeling a special kind of paranoid, keep you away from your windows and feeling a bit less crazy.

If this does happen to you, make sure to take note of what you consumed, how much THC was in it, along with how you consumed it, and how much of it you consumed. All of this will help you identify how to approach that type or strain of cannabis later and help keep this from happening to you again. This is good practice with all of your cannabis, as it will also help you figure out what you really enjoyed.  

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