Find Your Quality Cannabis Pre-Rolls at Bud Bar

Enjoy high-quality cannabis, all rolled and ready to go at Bud Bar. Our Calgary dispensaries have a wide selection of cannabis pre-rolls, available from leading brands and exceptional prices, while being supported by our trusted team of budtenders. We look to support you in your recreational journey with an informative, honest and sensible approach to consumption and experience. Place your order or visit our stores for our pre-rolls in Calgary today.

Maui Wowie

THC: 28.2 %
Weight: 1g
THC: 31.7 %
Weight: 2g

Chemdog x SFV OG Kush

THC: 62.5 %
Weight: 1.5g

Ghost Train Haze

THC: 45 %
Weight: 0.5g

OG Kush

THC: 45 %
Weight: 0.5g


THC: 33 %
Weight: 0.75g

Cookie Cake

THC: 27.1 %
Weight: 3.5g

Cold Creek Kush

Weight: 4g

Rotating Cultivar

THC: 29.1 %
Weight: 1.5g

Grandpa's Breath x Tangie

THC: 29.4 %
Weight: 0.5g

Wedding Cake x Kush Mints

THC: 30.3 %
Weight: 1.5g

Pink Swirl / Blue Swirl / Orange Swirl

THC: 37 %
Weight: 1.5g

Why Buy Pre-Rolls in Calgary?

Pre-rolls are basically joints that are already made for you. They come with rolling paper, cannabis and a small filter. As such, they’re a convenient, ready-to-go way to enjoy cannabis. Unlike bowls, bongs, cannabis flowers or vape pens, pre-rolls do not require any equipment (aside from a lighter) and are easily accessible. To ensure the quality of the bud is still high-end, the pre-rolls are stored in tight packages for freshness.

  • Easy to use
  • Great for first-timers
  • Controlled strains
  • Quality flavours and ingredients

Quality Buds, Fantastic Prices

You’ll find the perfect pre-roll strain for your recreational experience at Bud Bar. We only stock the best buds from the best brands, and better yet, for the best prices. Choose pre-rolls from the likes of Redecan, SHRED, Spinach, and much more, all available in various strains, including THC, CBD and Hybrid. If you find a pre-roll at a better price, we’ll happily match it! That way you still get quality cannabis while enjoying the Bud Bar experience.


How are pre-rolls made?

Pre-rolls can be made by grinding down the bud and laying them out over the rolling paper before rolling it up tightly. You have to make sure that there is no air in the joint. Manufacturers and makers tend to use a machine.

You can still consume pre-rolls even if they go stale. They’ll just lose their potency, aroma and taste, with the effects not lasting as long.

Pre-rolls can last as long as 12 months if you store them correctly. That involves storing them in an airtight container and keeping them away from moisture and natural light. We can offer some friendly tips when you visit our dispensaries.

If you’re a first-timer, it’s probably best to try a pre-roll first to save you the hassle. It can be difficult to roll a joint for the first time, and it will ruin the experience. Once you know what you want (in terms of cannabis and experience), our budtenders can help you with rolling your own.