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Explaining Cannabis Beverages & Nanoemulsion

New to the world of edibles are a wide range of beverages!

Most of these drinks are made by licensed producers using a technology called nanoemulsion, which ensures that cannabis extracts can mix into water without the liquid settling into layers. This type of edible is highly bioavailable, and that means you get high faster! Unlike traditional edibles, nano-emulsified drinks tend to kick in within around 30-45 minutes, as opposed to 1.5-2 hours. Having a nano-emulsified drink is easy, discreet, and best of all: not harmful to your body!

Understanding Nanoemulsion

The best way to understand nanoemulsion is by understanding salad dressing. If you were to put oil and water in the same container, you’d have to shake it—a lot—to get it to look like a homogenous solution…but after a while, it would still separate. Nanoemulsion adds an extra compound (called a surfactant) to the oil, which makes sure that a handful of things happen.

First, it helps to make sure the oils that are bonded to the THC and CBD stay in a small and uniform shape. This makes sure the texture is even throughout the drink and that there are no globs of oil in it. The smaller the bead of oil, the smoother and easier it is to drink, making it far less noticeable.

Second, it helps to keep the oil suspended in the water, preventing it from separating into a thick oily layer with a drink underneath—this is why you don’t need to shake the life out of your drinks, and why we can have fun with fizzy cannabis beverages!


Experience a Faster, Chiller High 

Those small particles play more than a texture role as well, they’re the reason that these drinks send you flying in so little time. Bioavailability makes it so that your digestive system comes into contact with as much of the cannabinoid oil as possible. When this happens, your body can take up the cannabinoids in the oil more quickly, because there is less for it to handle all at once. Kind of like having a little bit of snow on your sidewalk instead of having to shovel a foot of it.

That being said, because this makes you high much faster, this also means you are sober sooner as well. Some of us at Bud Bar like to compare the experience of drinking a beer. A 2.5mg cannabis drink may give you a little bit of a buzz, and you can build that buzz up as much as you would like without having to commit to a stone for a long time. For some people, one may be fine, but for others, you may need more. Thankfully, cannabis drinks can be infused with as much as 10mg of THC (like the Deep Space drink, which tastes a bit like Jaegermeister, or a herbal cola), and as much CBD as producers would like.

A caveat of these drinks—at least for now—are the legal limits that surround their purchase. Do be aware that you will likely only be able to carry 5 of these at a time while still adhering to the 30g personal carrying limit.

Staff favourites at our Calgary dispensary include the House of Terpenes Limonene and Tonic drink, a 5mg THC and 5mg CBD (1:1) balanced drink that is lemony, zingy, and gives a fun and chill high, along with the Houseplant Lemon and Grapefruit drinks, which are fizzy, fruity, and refreshing!  With new drinks hitting the shelves every week, be sure to come in and ask our knowledgeable staff about our selection. We are here to find you a drink that you’ll enjoy!

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