Top Three Best Brands for Vape Pens

Not sure what the best brands are when looking for cannabis vape pens in Calgary? Don’t worry! Bud Bar has you covered! 

Check out the top three best brands for vape pens so that you can get the most out of your vaping experience! 

Get the Best Cannabis Vape Pen Brands in Calgary Here

Foray Vape Pens

Do you want to ensure that your vaping is natural? Then consider giving Foray vape pens a shot! For disposal vape pens, this brand provides the best formulations by including natural, traceable ingredients. Hailing from Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island, Foray ensures high quality by making their formulations with the finest cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes only. Not only does Foray make exceptional formulations, but they also work hard to create vape pens that will not fail you. 

After intensive testing, Foray’s vape pens use a proprietary battery and hardware system that is calibrated specifically to our vape cartridges. Its construction helps to provide a smooth vaping experience. Also, these vape pens are rather durable. A dead battery won’t stop you from enjoying the rest of your cartridge since it’s rechargeable. Not only that, but their vape pens use leak-resistant technology. You honestly can’t go wrong with a Foray vape pen! 

CCELL Vape Pens

You have already tried your fair share of disposable vape pens. Now, you want a vape pen that you can have with you permanently. Yet, what vape pen out there would work best? Look into getting vape pens from CCELL! 

A big issue with some vape pens is whether they’re compatible with various cartridges. There is nothing more disheartening than buying a cartridge that you can use because your vape pen is incompatible. Thankfully, CCELL vape pens are compatible with all 510-thread cartridges through a magnetic connector. 

Another handy feature of their vape pens is its button-free. Instead of pressing a button multiple times, hoping it will either turn on or off, CCELL vape pens are activated with a simple inhale. However, you might be asking yourself: but how good is it as an experience? Since it has a rather robust battery capacity, you can expect a lot more vaping volume from it. 

HEXO Vape Pens

Perhaps you wish to have a disposable vape pen like Foray, but also the inhale activation of CCELL? You can get that from HEXO vape pens! HEXO vape pens are practically made for summer. The cannabinoids in these vape pens come from sun-grown cannabis with various fruity terpene blends. 

You can expect to be more energetic and active using these vape pens since they mainly use sativa strains while providing a hybrid one too. Plus, you can ensure a quick onset of a high since all these vape pens have rather high THC levels. 

Despite being disposable, you can get around 75 uses out of it, which allows you to enjoy them for much longer. Enjoying HEXO vape pens ensures not only a clean and smooth finish but will leave you with the lush aromas from its fruity terpenes.

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