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Cannabis Vape Pens & Cartridges: What You Need To Know

Vape pens and cartridges are an easy way to introduce yourself to the world of concentrates and alternative smoking methods. Discreet, convenient and customizable, with a single battery, you can try various distillate blends and swap them depending on what you would like to taste or feel that day.

Best of all, you can use them anytime and not worry about if you smell like weed!

Not to be confused with vaping e-juice, all products sold in our cannabis dispensary in Calgary are Health Canada approved and contain no nicotine, tobacco, or fillers.

What Should I Know About Cannabis Vape Pens & Cartridges?

Distillates come in the following two main formats:

  1. Disposable Units – These have the battery and distillate built into a single unit. These typically cannot be charged.
  2. 510 Threaded or Proprietary Cartridges – Combined with a battery unit, this format allows the user to switch carts and recharge the battery unit. These are the most common in the industry and more economical than disposable units. 

 Cannabis vape pens and cartridges only use cannabis distillate or CO2 extracted oil —sometimes marked on the ingredients as cannabis extract or THC/CBD distillate—and terpenes or flavouring agents. 

In these relatively simple processes, cured cannabis is washed with liquid CO2, which removes the cannabinoids and terpenes and then evaporates off, leaving the producer with a beautiful, aromatic, and flavourful full-spectrum oil. 

After undergoing winterization to remove remaining fats and plant matter, distillates undergo a second vaporization process that isolates THC or CBD. This leaves producers with a thicker oil that has little to no smell or taste – the perfect canvas for a custom flavour profile!

Flavouring agents are composed of terpenes derived from cannabis plants and other botanical sources. Terpenes give plants, flowers, and essential oils their characteristic scents and flavours; they influence the flavour and aroma of an otherwise scentless and flavourless cannabis cart while also serving as thinners viscous distillate. They bring the distillate closer to the experience of smoking bud and make the cart less likely to clog.


Choosing a Battery:

What is important when choosing your 510 battery is to be aware of what you are looking for and asking the important questions. Do you want longer battery life? Portability? A sleek look? Customizable temperatures? Something discreet and easy? All of these factor into the type of battery you choose. Many of the 510 batteries check these boxes while remaining affordable and easily accessible. 

Some 510 batteries are activated by inhalation without holding a button (like our CCELL Palm and M3), leaving you with little hassle and no need to fiddle in the dark. Just attach your cart, and you’re ready to fly. Other vapes use a button to power the vape on and off and control your draws. Like our Exxus Plus VV and Vessel Vista, these button vapes are great on battery life and are far less likely to accidentally draw in your pocket! 

The fun part about many button vapes is the ability to adjust the temperature at which you vape—saving you battery life and allowing you control over how fast your cart is emptied. Vaping at lower temperatures makes your cart taste better and last longer, with the only downside of not being able to blow dank clouds.

The best of both worlds, in terms of ease of use and customizability, sits in a special category: inhalation activated vapes that have adjustable temperatures. Our CCELL M3b and PAX ERA both fit this niche perfectly. While the M3b achieves this through a typical button, the PAX ERA has a unique method to adjust multiple settings: a shaking technology where you can set your temp with a simple hand gesture or their app (available on Android)!

With the continually expanding vape market, consumer options are increasing and becoming more affordable. If you have any questions or requests for products you would like to see in our Calgary cannabis dispensary, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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