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Collage of cannabis safety storage products

Bud Bar’s Commitment to Safety at Home!

When the state of California legalized adult use recreational cannabis on January 1st 2018, one key policy put in place by lawmakers was aimed at retailers. The policy dictated that any cannabis sold at dispensaries was to be issued in a child resistant “exit bag”.

While Canada has no plans to implement this policy, Bud Bar’s commitment is to exceed safety regulations and provide customers with an exit bag that is both odourless and child-resistant. We realize that in addition to ensuring that the product is out of reach of children, it is also important to have a discrete bag to transport and store your cannabis.

You can have the piece of mind that while you transport your recently purchased cannabis from Bud Bar, your vehicle and residence will not smell of any odours.

Over the last two months, Bud Bar has been actively seeking out samples from a diverse range of suppliers on a quest to find the best child-resistant and odour proof bag! After ordering countless samples, we have finally found the one!