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An Introduction to Cannabis Topicals

Ever wander into the topicals section of a cannabis shop and ask yourself, “what do topicals even do”? While it’s a tricky subject to discuss both here and in-store, we thought we could try and ease your curiosity. To preface this blog, we at Bud Bar would like to state that this blog does not constitute medical advice and that we are simply revealing experiences that our staff and customers have had with these types of products. 

What are Topicals? 

Topicals are an interesting and growing market that is sadly overlooked despite their benefits!

Topicals come in a wide range of products, each with slightly different applications. These application methods will have variable influences on how the cannabinoids interact with the body and any other ingredients present in the product. While topicals are marketed as transdermal products, it is very rare for a topical to make someone high, and that only seems to happen if they are applied in especially sensitive areas (like mucous membranes and very thin skin), which we do not recommend unless the product is explicitly built for those regions. 

Transdermal, in this instance, simply means that the method of interaction in the body is through the skin rather than inhaled or ingested.

These products have more localized effects that shine through when applied to the affected area, where they interact with the endocannabinoid system present in your skin. The cannabinoids in your topical will interact with the fat cells in the area. These cells keep the cannabinoids from wandering into your bloodstream and getting you high, and instead, make sure their effects remain wherever you happen to apply the product! 

The endocannabinoid system in human skin is most receptive to CBD but will uptake a bit of THC. Your body is filled with different endocannabinoid receptors. It is a topic we highly recommend anyone interested in biology and how cannabis works in the body to research. Generally speaking, we find that THC and CBD work best when used in tandem, but individual results may vary.

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Examples of Popular Topicals! 

Topical lotions, for example, have more specific calming and soothing effects where they’re applied. Things like CBD and 1:1 THC:CBD creams are excellent options for areas that you may find need a little bit of help to relax after a difficult day, such as tired shoulders from shovelling snow or after sleeping funny on your neck. Depending on the ingredients, these topicals may have warming or cooling agents that can influence the lotion or cream’s effects! 

The Apothecanna 1:1 cream contains 25mg of THC and 25mg of CBD in the container and has a lovely cooling sensation from the peppermint extract, providing the user with near-immediate relief from discomforting sensations. Certain product applications may have more deeply-penetrating effects as well, which some folks may find beneficial around more flexible and well-used areas, such as fingers, knees, or other joints. 

Other products are less immediately obvious when applied, such as the LivRelief creams, which come in both 1:1 THC:CBD and CBD only product lines, allowing you to tailor the product to your needs. The 1:1 cream contains a full 125mg of THC and 125 mg of CBD in the container, while the CBD cream contains a full 250mg of CBD in the container.

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Suppose you find that the LivRelief or Apothecanna products are not quite strong enough for your needs. In that case, we also carry the strongest topicals currently on the Canadian market: The Solei Topicals line. This line has scented and unscented options for those who may be sensitive to certain aromas. There is a balanced option with 250mg of THC and 250mg of CBD with a zesty orange scent, a soothing lavender option with 350mg of THC and 150mg of CBD, along with two 500mg CBD options, one unscented and one a cool and fresh wash of cucumber mint.


Cannabis Bath Bombs Are A Thing Now…

Bath bombs and bath salts can be considered in much the same way as topical creams and lotions—but for a more full-body experience. Being enveloped by the full-body chillaxation of a nice heavy J is one thing, but sinking into the warm abyss of a bath that makes you feel the same way, without the headier experience or feeling stoned, is another entirely. The sensation of a warm bath is enough to soothe anyone’s ruffled feathers after a difficult day, but the added benefits of cannabis help to leave you clear-headed and more functional. The only real danger of bath products is that the oils can make your tub slick—please be careful getting in and out! 

Topicals can find their way into your home in many moments of intimacy and times that aren’t limited to just the bath. 


…And Is Intimacy Cannabis! 

One of the more unusual topicals to hit the market is a product by Latitude: a slick, aromatic, and multipurpose intimacy oil. Not only is it infused with the sensual botanicals of rose and jasmine, but it is also specially formulated to be used across the entire body, and boasts a secret aphrodisiac: Damiana flower. A plant with a long-standing history as something present in secret moments between partners…perhaps even as long of a history as cannabis! This oil is infused with a whopping 400mg of THC, intending to heighten sensitivity wherever it is applied. 

While it can be applied anywhere on the body, this oil is intended to be used as an intimacy enhancer in more erogenous areas. As with all topicals, effects are not instantaneous but can take as little as 30 minutes to appear.

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