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Quality & Affordable Cannabis Vape Pens in Calgary

Buy the Best Cannabis Vape Pens in Calgary

Convenient, quick and easy to use, cannabis vape pens in Calgary are one of the best ways of consuming recreational cannabis. And we here at Bud Bar have a wide selection of cannabis vape pens available from the best brands and best prices. Whether you’re new to vaping cannabis or want to change your recreational journey, we make it easy to buy vapes with our open-minded, informative and honest customer service. Place your order or visit our dispensaries today! 

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Why Buy Cannabis Vapes?

There are many advantages to buying cannabis vapes. Firstly, as they resemble a pen, they’re convenient to carry around and use, allowing you to take smaller puffs. You’ll feel the effects almost instantly (compared to edibles) as they are stronger and quicker. Finally, they taste better due to the array of flavours and slower burn (as opposed to flowers or pre-rolls), and there is no distinct cannabis smell. 

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Whether you’re looking for a vape pen loaded with THC or trying it out for the first time, Bud Bar has high-quality products available for you. We make it our mission to provide our customers with only the best buds from the best brands, guaranteeing an authentic and positive experience. Better yet, our prices are fair and competitive, and if you find a cheaper deal elsewhere, we’ll match it! That way, you still get to enjoy the Bud Bar experience and get high-quality cannabis for less!

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In simple terms, a vape pen works when the internal battery powers the heating chamber in the pen. This, in turn, heats the cannabis until the vapour is produced. That vapour is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. If you want more information about vape pens, feel free to speak to our budtenders.

The names say it all! Disposable pens are the most basic form of vaping. Once you have finished consuming the cartridge (which contains the cannabis) or the battery has run out, you just throw away the pen. On the other hand, reusable pens have changeable battery and cartridge parts. When the battery or the cartridge has died out, you can just replace them, and continue using the vape pen.

Although vape pens (particularly) reusable ones cost more than pre-rolls or buds, they’re most cost-effective in the long term. You can always replace the cartridges or battery while still keeping the pen in your possession. It also depends on the type of vape pen you’re purchasing. You can get more information by searching our online store or visiting one of our dispensaries.

There are many advantages that vapes have over smoking. You mainly don’t feel that burn in the lungs that comes with smoking as vaporizers don’t burn the cannabis. Pens are also more convenient to use, require little effort, have better flavours, and lack smell.